Recognizing the potential of AEDPs in providing skilling and practical learning to students, CRISP embarked on upscaling AEDPs by diversifying sectors and increasing the number of states from AY 2024-25. To fulfil this, CRISP established a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for implementing the National Initiative for Skill Integrated Higher Education (NISHE) project, headed by CRISP’s Senior Adviser on Skills, Mr. VLVSS Subba Rao, former IES Officer and Principal Economic Adviser to Govt. of India. CRISP also established an exclusive national team to work on NISHE Project.



V.L.V.S.S. Subba Rao

V.L.V.S.S. Subba Rao

National Lead

Mr. V.L.V.S.S. Subba Rao, is an officer of the Indian Economic Service of the 1985 batch. He holds a Masters Degree in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics from 1985 to 2021.  Read more...

Nagesh Babu

Adapureddy Nagesh Babu


Mr. Nagesh Babu is trained in social sciences. He holds a Master's degree in Development Studies from TISS Mumbai.  Read more...


Arjoma Moulick

Central Office Fellow

Arjoma has been associated with CRISP for 1 year & 4 Months. She has previously worked in the Implementation of NEP project with Government Meghalaya in CRISP. Currently she is working on the NISHE project in the Central Office with the Government of Maharashtra, Government of Madhya Pradesh.   Read more...


Nidhi Bisht


Nidhi Bisht holds a Master's degree in Political Science with a specialization in International Relations from Banaras Hindu University and a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Delhi.  Read more...

01 ANDHRA PRADESH Letter to Prl Secy, HE, Govt. of AP                       NISHE Andhra Pradesh       Concept Note     MOU
02 KARNATAKA Letter to Prl Secy, HE, Govt. of Karnataka        NISHE Karnataka                 Concept Note     MOU
03 MADHYA PRADESH Letter to Addl CS, HE, Govt. of MP                       NISHE Madhya Pradesh     Concept Note     MOU
04 MAHARASHTRA Letter to Prl Secy, HE, Govt. of Maharashtra   NISHE Maharashtra              Concept Note     MOU      
05 RAJASTHAN Letter to Prl Secy, HE, Govt. of Rajasthan          NISHE Rajasthan                  Concept Note     MOU                 
06 TAMIL NADU Letter to Prl Secy, HE, Govt. of Tamil Nadu       NISHE Tamil Nadu               Concept Note                
07 TELANGANA Letter to Prl Secy, HE, Govt. of Telangana         NISHE Telangana                Concept Note     MOU                 
08 UTTAR PRADESH Letter to Prl Secy, HE, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh    MOU        


Signing of MoU between CRISP and Govt. of Madhya Pradesh - 07.02.2024

Meeting with Hon'ble Minister for Higher Education, Govt. of Karnataka on NISHE - 23.02.2024

Signing of MoU between CRISP and Govt. of Rajasthan - 04.03.2024

Meeting with Govt. of Telangana on Colleges Selection - 05.03.2024

Signing of MoU between CRISP and Govt. of Maharashtra - 11.03.2024

MSDF visit to CRISP 04.04.2024

Meeting between Govt. of Karnataka and CRISP NISHE Team - 24.04.2024

Meeting with Govt. of Karnataka, MSDE and SSCs - 24.04.2024


Rajasthan - 16-02-2024

Rajasthan - 05-03-2024

Telangana - 05-10-2023

Telangana - 11.10.2023

Karnataka - 04.03.2024