CRISP : Centre for Research in Schemes and Policies

Our organisation

Centre for Research in Schemes and Policies (CRISP) is an organisation set up by a group of civil servants and those in public service with more than three decades of experience. CRISP aims to give back to society by helping governments design, redesign, and implement better schemes and policies. The organisation works with central and state governments, CSR funds, and large NGOs with sizable impact.

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Our Vision and Mission


To promote larger social good by helping in strengthening implementation of Government programmes and policies in the social sector.


To become a pioneering agency for designing/redesigning/evaluation and implementation of schemes and policies
by combining passion,professionalism, experience,and enterprise.


Centre for Research in Schemes and Policies (CRISP) is a unique organisation set up by a group of civil servants and those in public service, with more than three decades of experience, to give back to society, by helping in better structuring of the implementation process of the schemes and policies. The organisation will take up studies of, programmes and initiatives entrusted by an Indenting Entity (IE) which can be a government, CSR fund, NGO or any other private entity for an in-depth study at the field level.

Why we are here
Independent of the
implementing agency
Stakeholder centric
Concurrent to the
scheme implementation
Positive: Focused on
Objective, evidence
based exercise

Our work

Whom do we service

a) Governments in India – Centre and States in India for field level evaluation of the schemes/programmes and policies being implemented by them
b) Governments abroad for helping in structuring initiatives and programmes for public good
c) CSR foundations for evaluating projects they funded
d) Community Based Organisations, NGOs who want their programmes evaluated
e) Private Sector entities with large public presence

Areas of work

1. Rural Development and Panchayat Raj –
i. evaluation of schemes, taking up orientation and training,
ii. building strong community-based organisations – especially of the marginalised groups both in rural and urban areas; and organising them into strong self-help groups.
2. Education: status reports and suggestions for improving
3. Health: capacity building of functionaries
4. E Governance initiatives
5. MSME and micro enterprise programmes

Our methodology

about us

Modalities of operation

Founding Members


S M Vijayanand

IAS – 1981

Worked as Secretary to Government of India and Chief Secretary Govt of Kerala, expert in Panchayat Raj and rural development  Read more...

T Vijay Kumar

T. Vijay Kumar

IAS – 1983

Worked as Spl Chief Secretary Govt of AP and currently Chairman of Rytu Sadhikarata Samstha for natural farming in AP, expert in rural development and agriculture  Read more...

Sitaram Janardan Kunte

Sitaram Janardan Kunte

IAS - 1985

Worked as Spl Chief Secretary Govt of Maharashtra, expertise in formulation, implementation and monitoring of Government policies spanning across various sectors.  Read more...

R Subrahmanyam

R. Subrahmanyam

IAS – 1985

Secretary to Government of India departments of Higher Education and Social Justice  Read more...

Brij Kumar Agarwal

Brij Kumar Agarwal

IAS – 1985

He is a retired IAS officer who has worked as Secretary to the Government of India and Chief Secretary of Himachal Pradesh.  Read more...

Pushpa Subrahmanyam

Pushpa Subrahmanyam

IAS – 1985

worked as Secretary to Govt of India in Food Processing Industries, expertise in industries  Read more...

Rajiv Sadanandan

Rajiv Sadanandan

IAS – 1985

Worked as Special Chief Secretary Kerala in charge of Health, health expert  Read more...

Sandhya Kanneganti

Sandhya Kanneganti

Indian Postal Service 1986

Worked as Member India Posts at the level of Secretary to Govt of India, expert in education  Read more...

Dr Sekhar Bonu

Dr Sekhar Bonu

IAS – 1987

worked at Asian Development Bank; and NITI Aayog as Director General of Development Monitoring and Evaluation Organization (DMEO)  Read more...