The Centre for Research in Schemes and Policies (CRISP) has made a presentation of the philosophy of CRISP and also presented the outlines of a project prepared for Telangana State named 'Higher Educational Institutions-Standardisation and Transformation for Excellence (HI-STEP) for Telangana'.

Role of CRISP

CRISP has committed to place a highly qualified and motivated team to work along with TSHEC on no-cost basis and to mentor the team, not only for prepared detailed project plans, but also in supporting the State Government for its implementation. It is tentatively proposed that to start operations from 1st June 2023, although for the skill-embedding in higher education work can begin immediately under the guidance of Sri VLVSS Subba Rao IES.

MoU with Telangana

Government of Telangana welcomed the CRISP initiative and a MoU has been signed between both (copy enclosed). Under this, Govt of Telangana would provide working space for the CRISP team, preferably with TSHEC; and would facilitate operation of the HI-STEP project by providing logistics as needed.

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