GoMP has invited CRISP to participate in its efforts to strengthen the higher education system in the State of Madhya Pradesh, and in implementing the National Education Policy 2020 in higher education, Whereas CRISP brings with it experience at the highest levels of governance in social sector, and the members carry with them reputation of having contributed for the social sector schemes and policies, Whereas both Parties are having commonality of purpose of expanding the public good on scale and to strengthen the social sector of the Country.

Role of CRISP

In pursuance of the scope of this MoU, CRISP will undertake to do the following, details of which would be finalized after due discussion:

  1. Set up a team of experts who will work with GoMP for implementation of the action plan and mentor the same.
  2. Design an actionable plan for achieving the goals set.
  3. Undertake training for the select educational institutions and mentor them.
  4. Arrange internships with Sector Skill Councils
  5. Identify EdTech solutions that can improve the learning outcomes.

MoU with Madhya Pradesh

MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN DEPARTMENT OF HIGHER EDUCATION, GOVERNMENT OF MADHYA PRADESH (GOMP), BHOPAL AND CENTRE FOR RESEARCH IN SCHEMES AND POLICIES (CRISP) This Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter referred to as "MOU") is executed on 07 February, 2024 (hereinafter referred to as "Effective Date") at Bhopal,

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Action Plan

1. Assistance in implementation of the PM Colleges of Excellence scheme in Madhya Pradesh includinglaying down parameters, assessing select colleges on specified parameters and helping each college to attain the desired level of Excellence.

2. Ranking: Work along with the Commissioner of Collegiate Education to identify 100 colleges for a focused action plan to promote them in NIRF national rankings so that 2-5 of them will reach national ranks in two years and 50 in 4 years.

3. Job Orientation: Direct and effective efforts for increasing the campus placements through job-oriented courses and identifying productive internship for 50% of the 2nd /3rd year students.

4. Assist in preparing a blueprint for implementation of the NEP 2020 achievable by 2026 and 2035 in all the MP Higher Education Institutions (MPHEls).

5. Promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship by setting up innovation councils in 536 colleges, thereby promoting innovative thinking leading to startups.

6. Plan for an Accreditation campaign- so that all the universities and at least 25% colleges get accredited in the next 3 year. This will ensure that satisfactory academic outcomes are assured, so that student come out fully prepared to participate in the development of the State.