1. To survey 100 schools, selected randomly, across districts to verify the positive impact of English medium instruction on students.
  2. To strengthen teachers’ ability to interact in English.
  3. To redesign pedagogy to ensure better learning outcomes in English.
  4. To design additional support material for students and teachers to see greater impact.
  5. Repeat survey to measure the outcomes.

Role of CRISP

CRISP will assist the Government of Andhra Pradesh in improving the education sector through:

  1. A project to operationalise English as a medium of instruction in government schools for improved academic outcomes.
  2. A project to improve academic standards before 2025 in 1000 high schools which have been recently affiliated with CBSE.
  3. A project to build teaching capacity and periodically evaluate teacher performance for a better teacher-pupil transaction and improved learning outcomes.
  4. A project to operationalise a merger between Pre-Primary education in Anganwadis with the Primary School.
  5. A project to recommend the best package of practices in operationalising digital education through IFPs, Tabs using LMS.

Andhra Pradesh

1. Study learning outcomes in the English Medium of education introduced by Govt.
2. Improving academic standards in the 1000 High schools by 2025.
3. FLN improvement in primary schools: EdTech solutions,structured pedagogy, capacity building of the teachers, methodology for periodical evaluation of teacher performance (with CSF)
4. Operationalising the 13,000 Foundation schools: who, what, how.
5. To recommend the best package of practices in operationalising digital education through IFPs, Tabs using LMS.

Action Plan

PROJECT 01 : Bringing excellence in 1000 CBSE-affiliated Schools

  • Systematically preparing the 2024-25 cohort of about 82,300 grade X students for Board exams:
    • Assessing quality of Assessments done in 2023-24 on CBSE Pattern
    • Academic Support and Monitoring Quality of Teaching-Learning in the Classrooms
    • Set up Project Management Unit
    • PROJECT 02 : Strengthening Foundation Schools and Universalising access to quality ECE

      • Time-use study of Anganwadi Workers
      • Centre for Upgrading Teaching in ECE - CUTE

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Andhra Pradesh Team

Sandhya Kanneganti

Sandhya Kanneganti


Worked as Member India Posts at the level of Secretary to Govt of India, expert in education  Read more...

R Subrahmanyam

R. Subrahmanyam


Secretary to Government of India departments of Higher Education and Social Justice  Read more...

P UshaKumari

Usha Kumari P


Smt. Usha Kumari P has done MA, Mphil. Prior to joining Group 1 services, she has worked as a lecturer of English in a degree college, and also taught a diploma course in Andhra University. She joined the service in 1993 as a Deputy Collector. She has worked as Revenue Divisional Officer, Visakhapatnam, where she handled the disaster of HPCL fire accident and the 1998 cyclone. She also worked as the District Revenue Officer, Vizianagaram.  Read more...




Worked as a Gandhi Fellow in NITI Aayog's Flagship project - the Aspirational Districts Collaborative (ADC) and supported the government’s efforts in the district of Raichur by collaborating with the District Administration, government officials, NGOs, youth, media, panchayats, and self-help groups to ensure effective utilization and reach of government programmes and schemes in the areas of education, health and community development.   Read more...


Neha Ashar


Neha Ashar is trained in the social sciences. She has a master's degree in Applied Sociology from CHRIST (Deemed to be University), where she also pursued her Bachelors in Psychology, Sociology and Economics. She wishes to work at the intersection of research, policy and governance, and is passionate about affecting social change at a structural level.   Read more...